Your Guide to Safe Deposit Boxes in Melbourne

Looking for a safe deposit box in Melbourne? You will find the best solution with The Melbourne Vault. We know searching for a “safe deposit box near me” can be a difficult task if you are from the outer suburbs of Melbourne and Victoria. With banks slow closing their vaults and not offering a safe deposit box service at all, it can be stressful to have to navigate the Melbourne CBD to access safe deposit boxes.

What is a safe deposit box?

A safe deposit box is used for the storage of valuables items. This could include:

  • Money/Cash
  • Gold Bullion
  • Fine Jewellery
  • Watches

In extension to the above, you can also store other valuables such as:

  • Important documentation
  • Hard drives
  • USB drives
  • Family keepsakes and priceless heirlooms

The list is endless to what you could store in safe deposit box, it is entirely up to you! Don’t risk leaving your valuables and prized possessions in your home. The unfortunate reality of the world we live in, is that this is not a safe practice anymore. The Melbourne Vault is here to help you store your valuables with confidence and peace of mind.

Visiting The Melbourne Vault

The Melbourne Vault is located in a prime spot in the Melbourne CBD, making it a highly convenient safe deposit box service.

To access our vault, you can avoid street entry and enter via our secure & private car park for all your appointments. We offer this convenience to make your trip into the CBD easier and safer to access your safe deposit box. Our private car park is completely free of charge and is simply considered an extension of the exceptional customer service that we strive to provide clients who wish to utilise a safe deposit box service with us.

This private car space is located in the same building as our premises. Having and using this private car park will eliminate the hassle of you searching for ideal parking that is close by, paying a fee for public parking but most importantly, giving you the privacy and security you deserve when bringing your valuables in to store in your safe deposit box. Upon arrival to the private car space, you will be met by one of our licensed Security guards who will give you access to the private car space and escort you down to our premises, every time.

Accessing Your Safe Deposit Box

Access to your safe deposit box is completely isolated and secure. A security guard will guide you into the premise, and upon completing the rigorous identification checks, you will have completely private and secure access to your safe deposit box. You will be the only person within the vault during your appointment. We never allow more than one person access for the duration of an appointment.

Safe Deposit Box Sizes & Prices

The Melbourne Vault can cater to all your needs with numerous sizes of Safe Deposit Boxes and Locker Safes available. We have no waiting lists, and our prices are competitive. Starting from as little as $300 a year, for our extra small Safe Deposit Box, you cannot go wrong when it comes to peace of mind. You cannot fault The Melbourne Vault.

Contact our team today to learn more or book an appointment online to store your valuables with complete security.

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