Bullion Locker Safe

These Bullion Locker Safes are purpose built, high security units able to carry significant weight.

Bullion Locker Safe

Whilst able to be used for any secure storage, this Bullion Locker Safe is a purpose built, high security unit able to carry significant weight. It’s heavy slotted steel construction allows a better storage solution for heavy items such as precious metal bullion.

Our most popular unit, this practical option allows easy handling through a wide access door secured with a Lloyds of London approved Abus 83/50 security lock unique to the client and kept by the client at completion of the lease.

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The Bullion Locker Safes come in the following sizes:

SizeMax WeightDimensionsAnnual Fee
Small80kg200mm W x 200mm H x 590mm D$850
Medium220kg295mm W x 300mm H x 590mm D$1100
Large450kg295mm W x 600mm H x 590mm D$2000
Extra Large800kg430mm W x 900mm H x 590mm D$3400
High security lock purchase$200

Please Note: Late payment fee of 2% / month

The Melbourne Vault has many gold, silver and platinum storage clients storing their precious metals in our facility. We offer a full range of storage option sizes including our custom made high weight capacity Bullion Locker Safe units. We also offer the convenience of easy delivery arrangements with our local bullion company partners.

For those wanting to trade remotely, more frequently and conveniently, our Custodial Bullion Storage option is also popular. Under this arrangement we hold the key and take verified instructions off you to add or remove your holdings.