Independent & private personal vault protection.

The Melbourne Vault ™ is an independent business & facility – independent of Government and Financial Institution ownership and control. Your hard-earned wealth is protected & outside ‘the system’.

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The Melbourne Vault. Safety deposit box Melbourne.

With a central location, high level security and customer focused service – you can choose The Melbourne Vault with confidence.

Gold and Silver Secure Storage

Gold and Silver Bullion storage is one of our mainstay services. Securely storing your bullion with us ensures your precious metal is kept safe away from any other parties (banks or
connected services). Only you have access to your safe and with our ultra high secure facility you can be confident your investment is safe and sound with us.

With safe unit sizes up to 800kg we can cater economically for any size holding. Our insurance and independent audit service keeps your SMSF compliant as well.

Melbourne Vault gold storage

Security of Access at The Melbourne Vault.

The Melbourne Vault is a high security facility which only allows access to our clients. Clients are always accompanied by a fully qualified Security and Customer Service Officer as they visit their storage unit, but given privacy when dealing with it’s contents. 

We often invite clients to go and experience ‘other’ so-called high security facilities to compare the level of real security and privacy that we offer.

No banks.
No government.
Completely independent

With banks reducing their capacity to offer safe deposit boxes and secure storage, The Melbourne Vault can cater to your secure storage requirements in a non-government and non-bank driven environment. We are completely independent.

Why consider third-party secure storage?

Double Protection

Access to our Vault is limited to customers only, and always accompanied by our security personnel. You will carry the only key to the safe we provide for you. This ensures complete privacy and security for your precious goods.

Secure Receipt & Delivery

Looking for logistics or custodial services with your secure storage? We can manage secure insured delivery of your goods, and also help with managing trading of bullion or other goods on your behalf. Contact us to discuss these services in more detail.

Fire and Flood Protection

The Melbourne Vault facility is an ultra-low fire risk environment with commercial building grade fire protection systems. Our location in Melbourne also sits outside the 1:100 flood zone in Elizabeth St.


The Melbourne Vault offers insurance underwritten by the world’s leading insurer. You can also see a considerable saving on your home insurance by storing your valuables with us, instead of at home.


Quality safes are extremely heavy and cumbersome units. Home installation can often go awry with placement and load capacity on residential flooring. Keeping your safe at home can also create a security threat by drawing attention to your precious goods.


Our location ensures we have a stable environment with very measured access points. The Melbourne Vault has been planned and custom-built for secure storage. 

Private Storage

Melbourne Vault clients are always accompanied by a fully qualified Security and Customer Service Officer as they visit their storage unit and given complete privacy when dealing with it’s contents. 

Melbourne Vault storage

International Secure Storage

The Melbourne Vault is Australia’s leading private vault. Secure storage for precious metals, diamonds & gems, jewellery, bonds, cryptocurrency wallets or anything that is precious to you, for as little as $2 a week. Enquire today or Request a Callback.


Flexible range of deposit box sizes

Our secure storage options can cater to a multitude of sizes, weights and requirements, including our ultra secure bullion safes. From storing an envelope or documents, a small safe deposit box, all the way up to 800kg bullion safes for gold and silver bullion storage, that only you have access to.

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